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What are people saying about us?

Unemployment and underemployment are conditions, which prove to be difficult to address for even the most skilled, experienced and confident individuals. The same conditions present unique and seemingly insurmountable challenges to those individuals whose barriers include disabilities, limited vocational options, and lack of self-worth. Of the aforementioned challenges, the one most likely to have an impact on success is also the one least likely to be addressed by traditional pre-employment strategies; diminished self-confidence and negative sense of self.

Burgeoning caseloads, reduced resources, and conservative supported employment approaches make it difficult to give due diligence to address the self-defeating attitudes held by the majority of the pre-employment participants. Conventional pre-employment instead focuses on securing sustainable employment based on historical information such as diagnostic assessments, employment history, and disability-related barriers. The philosophy of "change your thinking, change your life" suggests that this approach will meet with limited success without first empowering participant by teaching them to adopt alternative attitudes and more positive core belief systems through personal development.

"Opening Doors to Success" proposes to bridge this gap in service by providing participants with structured opportunities to acquire the attitudes and tools to personal empowerment and ultimately the paradigm shift towards positivity. This approach is complementary to current pre-employment training; both methods support participants to take steps toward success.

More financial resources are required in order to deliver all methods of pre-employment training to individuals facing barriers. As such, it is with a strong personal belief in the power of positive thinking and much enthusiasm for the promise of participant success that I recommend support for Opening Doors to Success Inc.


Hope Vanbeselaere

Vocational Rehabilitation of Manitoba Family Services and Consumer Affairs

Letter from Inner City Women's Ministries International Inc.

Dear Ms. Mcnaughton,

This is just a small note to say how thankful I was for your taking the time to describe Opening Doors to Success Inc. during our face to face interview Monday, Jan 12, 2015. three of your previous participants raved about Opening Doors and their personal success attributed to your programs. I just had to see for myself.

Inner-City Women's Miistries International Inc. has worked with incarcerated women, who many times have a dual diagnosis ( addiction and mental health issues). This is the first program where three persons have individually attributed their success to one particular agency. They stated your programs (Attitude for Success - Ready Set Work; Let's Talk - Healthy Communication and Joy of Work / Make Work Play, which includes tools for better communication between friends, co-workers, and employers) have been the best thing that has ever happened to them in the life skills/job-training field.

We would like to support your organization by spreading the word that you are out there, and by sending you more clients. We feel a program such as Opening Doors to Success Inc. should be available to every person living in cities and rural Manitoba. We state this from our experience of walking alongside marginalized people in their journey to successful living in the past ten years. We are so happy you are in South Eastman and pray that you will grow.

You and your staff are an inspiration to us. Best regards to all at Opening Doors to Success Inc.

Yours very truly,

Shon Louise McLaren MA

Executive Director

cc. Kelvin Goertzen, MLA - Steinbach Constituency

"These workshops have helped me enormously. I have grown, changed and transformed. I have been empowered and enriched by these workshops. I have the tools I need to be a success in my current job, future jobs and throughout my career."

~Yvette Jones

Recently completing your "Ready-Set-Work workshops, this is what I want to let you know, while the main goal of the workshops is for us to reach employment based ambitions and aspirations, there is so much more you provide. I had reached my goals halfway through the workshops but continued to attend because there were many lessons learned about life and myself with your teachings and motivational techniques. through the class, I gained more confidence, individually and socially, a greater sense of self, and a stronger belief that there isn't any ambition that cannot be attained. You find positivity and potential in everyone that walks through your door, you know what each individual requires to find that themselves and your hard-working, warm-hearted, optimistic attitude shines in all of us. Thank you.

~Lindsey Chornopyski

Opening Doors to Success Participant Feedback:

  • "Workshops helped me to learn things about myself which I didn't know before attending"

  • "Ready-Set-Workshops made me want to do something other than doing nothing"

  • "It was the start of something new and gave me more ideas to work with to become employed"

  • "Workshops have given me more confidence and showed me to just go and do it!"

  • "After taking Opening Doors to Success Workshops, I have the tools to have a positive attitude, self-confidence and determination"

  • "I have learned to always have a positive attitude"

  • "Training gave me more confidence"

  • "Ready-Set-Work helped me to keep having a positive attitude and showed me different sources to look for work.i loved every workshop.

  • "Workshops helped me see myself and made my outlook brighter. I feel my mind is less cluttered after attending"

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